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Béla Kovács: Hommages à...

J.S. Bach, N. Paganini, C.M. von Weber, C. Debussy,
M. de Falla, R. Strauss, B. Bartók, Z. Kodály, A.Khatschaturian

By way of these nine brillant Hommages, the famous
Hungarian clarinetist and teacher has made an important
contribution to clarinet literature.

My pedagogical activities inspired me to compose the Hommages.
The pieces were intended to be etudes or studies which students my
use as supplementary material to the usual dry and mechanical -
although indispensable - exercises. They contain variosus challenges.
If performed with impressive dexterity, with proper tone production
and sufficient knowledge of styles, coupled with a sense of humor and
a certain amount of fantasy, they could - hopefully - find success even
on the concert stage. ..“

Béla Kovács

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Béla Kovács: Im Memoriam D.T.

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