H. Kämmerling: Romanic Dances

Alto Saxophone & Piano
These are melodies which embody simulations of folk songs and dances from Portugal, Spain, France and Italy set together in an easy-to- play arrangement for chamber music.
code no. edl 1101

First Album For Young Saxophonists

As it is well known, the masters of old times put down their works only „in outline“,
and the music has to be reconstructed by a practised performer.
This collection is intended to help in assimilating thespirit of the old styles.
All the old works are given here in both thei original and ornamented variants.
The tempo and performing indikation for the old pieces are also suggestions.
Naturally, in the works of contemporary composers
all the indicated markings are obligatory.

code no. edl 1102/Eb (alto or baritone)
..............edl 1102/Bb(soprano or tenor)

L. Draskóczy: Hungarian Dances from Transylvania

Alto Saxophone & Piano
Highly virtuosic, lively Hungarian „Verbunk“ Music. Primarily for concertizing saxophonists.
code no. edl 1103

L. Weiner: Dance of the Fox

Alto Saxophone & Piano
Funny and very good characteristic music
code no. edl 1105

A. Tonoli: Sonatina

Soprano Saxophone & Piano
An impressionistic composition in the style of Debussy
code no. edl 1106

R. Römer: Adieu Tristesse

Alto Saxophone & Piano
code no. edl 1107

V. Monti / B. Kovács: Czardas-csárdás

Alto Saxophone & Piano
code no. edl 1108

B. Kovács: Armenian Lament and Dance

Alto Saxophone and Piano
code no. edl 1109

G. Kerek: Fantasia

Alto Saxophone and Piano
code no. edl 1110

J. Andersen: Legende

Alto Saxophone and Piano
code no. edl 1111