P.I. Tchaikovsky: Ouverture miniature

from the Nutkracker- Suite tastefully arrangement.
code no. edl 1401

R. Leoncavallo: Il Bajazzo / Prolog

This abrigded arrangement requires a good technical command of the instrument.
code no. edl 1402

J.S. Bach: Fuge Nr.5

from*Das wohltemperierte Klavier*/SATB The interweaving of the individual saxophone parts captivates the listner and awakens the enjoyment of making music together.
code no. edl 1403

G.Ph. Telemann: Partita 5.

Five movements of the Partita in e- minor originally for solo instrument and basso continuo have been transposed to d- minor for a saxophone quartet, with optional gitar(ad. lib.)
code no.edl 1404

F. W. Meacham: American Patrol

Instrumentation: AATT or AATB
This well-known melody in the excellent arrangement from Terry Kenny enriches the saxophone quartet repertory.

code no. edl 1405

F. Farkas: Old Hungarian Dances

from the 17th Century /SATB
With these four brillant dances, the famous Hungarian composer has made an inportant
contribution to saxophone quartet literature.Highly recommended for concertizing ensemles.
code no. edl 1406

Two Guitars

Trad. /SATB
This practical, proven arrangement from T. Kenny is easy to play and is a always great favorite.
code no. edl 1407

F. Hidas: Musique de Chambre

pour saxophones (1994*) /SATB
code no. edl 1408

V. Monti/B. Kovács: Csárdás-Czardas

Very tipical, lively Hungarian music.
code no. edl 1409

G. Rossini: Quartetto

code no edl 1415

D. Scarlatti: Cats Fugue

code no edl 1416

J. S. Bach: Sonate

BWV 530
code no edl 1417

C.Ph.E. Bach:Solfeggio

code no. edl 1418

T. Albinoni: Adagio

code no edl 1419

Cs. Tüzkö:Lamente & Dance of the Shepherds

(hungarian folk music)
code no edl 1420

Cs. Tüzkö: Lassú & Czardas

(hungarian folk music)
code no edl 1421

Cs. Tüzkö: Moldovan Folk Song

code no. del 1424

J.S. Bach: Aria

aus dem Orchestersuite
code no. edl 1426

Albéniz: Tango

code no. edl 1430

N. Rimsky-Korsakov: The flight of the bumble-bee

Saxophone Quartet ( SATB)
code no. edl 1428

B. Bartók: Hungarian Folk Songs

code no. edl 1440